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Building the Future of Data & AI-driven Apps Together

We are building an open platform to enable every developer to have the technology and tools to develop the next generation of data and AI-driven apps.

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Powering the Next Generation of Apps

Planet-scale web3 data, AI, and machine learning are core to building the next generation of apps. However, accessing and operating the web3 data and infrastructure needed is vastly complex.

We are on a mission to make it as easy as possible for developers to build, share, and work together to create the world's next top apps. The Spice AI platform will enable builders everywhere to push what’s possible with AI and ML and share knowledge, tech, and advancements.

Welcome to the Spice AI platform – the home of web3 data and AI.

The Home of Web3 Data & AI

Build on top of the Spice AI platform and develop intelligent apps, powered by web3. We give you the web3 data, tools, and infrastructure you need. You take it from there.
Lightweight, portable, ML runtimes in your preferred languages
Reliable, ready to use, real-time web3 data
Intuitive, collaborative dashboard learnings
Plus, even more
developer-first tools
Spice AI platform
Spice AI platform
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Your Platform

By working as one community, we will accelerate the evolution of data and AI-driven apps. Join the community and create your project. Share your dataset, models, knowledge, and progress. The Spice AI platform is designed for interaction and communication. Discover highlighted user content and learn from your peers.

Unlocking AI’s Potential for Good

From affordable healthcare to making services more secure, advancements in AI/ML can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Our initial contribution is to make building the next generation of apps as easy as possible, so developers can bring the potential of AI/ML to the world. Learn more about the purpose and people behind Spice AI.
Hosted-version Coming Soon OSS OSS makes it easy for developers to build apps that learn and adapt by streamlining the use of machine learning in software. Combined with time-series data, developers can create applications that continuously improve through machine learning recommendations.
Lightweight, portable ML runtime accessible by simple HTTP APIs, allowing developers to use their preferred languages and frameworks
Dashboard to visualize data and learning
Developer-friendly CLI
Simple, git-committable, configuration and code Intelligent Application

Spice ai diagram presenting application process and Spice Ai Runtime processSpice ai diagram presenting application process and Spice Ai Runtime process